The insect as a contributor to world food security

As the global protein deficit widens to up to 40 MT by 2030 as a result of our growing world population, protein production will be one of the key food challenges we will face in the coming decades.

The situation in Europe is particularly precarious in this respect because it imports 70% of its proteins. Aware of these future challenges, France has already affirmed its ambition to become a world leader in protein production in order to ensure its independence.

The large-scale development of the insect sector, in which InnovaFeed participates, is fully in line with this strategy. Insect production has indeed continuously placed itself as a complement to traditional sourcing, with a widely developed use in animal feed, particularly in Europe since the authorization of the use of insect protein in aquaculture granted by the European Union on July 1st, 2017. The insect protein market is considerably sized and projected to grow (estimated to reach 30 MT by 2030), and for which supply is still very limited.

The innovaFeed model

Created in 2016, InnovaFeed is today an expert in the breeding of black soldier fly larvae from which three products are extracted in a circular and zero waste model:

Insect protein, a source of essential nutrients for aquafeed, whose CO2 impact is at least 50% less than that of fishmeal and has no impact on marine resources.

Insect oil, an essential source of energy for pig and poultry feed with a guaranteed CO2 impact of at least 80% less than vegetable oils, especially imported soy.

Frass, i.e. insect dejections, which is an organic fertiliser with proven agronomic performance.

InnovaFeed's model is based on three pillars:

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Gouzeaucourt (59)

Nesle (80)

The world's largest production capacity

Created in 2016, InnovaFeed now has the world's largest production capacity with the opening of its second plant in Nesle, which is the largest insect factory operating in the world.

InnovaFeed created its breeding technology in 2016 in the laboratories of the Genopole's research institute based in Évry, and then built in 2017 a first pilot production site in Gouzeaucourt (59) with a production capacity of 1,000 tons of protein per year.

Now in its acceleration phase, InnovaFeed is launching its new factory in Nesle (80), a symbol of the ambition of the InnovaFeed model: industrial symbiosis at the heart of France’s agricultural hub. Through its growth, InnovaFeed wishes to play a key role in the development of a new French agricultural sector with strong innovation and export potential, and to contribute to France's protein independence.

  • In 2016 and 2017 :
    research and development phase at the Evry Genopole campus.

  • From 2017 :
    opening of the European aquaculture market for insect proteins and implementation of a pilot unit in Gouzeaucourt (59).

  • In 2020 :
    • Launch of an industrial production unit in Nesle (80) with an unprecedented capacity of 15,000T per year, a world première.

    • Signature of a partnership with Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, leaders in agribusiness, to deploy its industrial model on the largest agricultural site in the US (Illinois)

  • By 2030 :
    continued industrial expansion and investment of €250m to develop 5 new industrial sites in France and abroad.


A 10-fold increase in production

  • A capacity of 15,000T/year making it the largest insect production capacity in the world
  • More than 3000 sensors and AI to allow large scale micromanipulation of larvae
  • 20,000 eggs laid and recovered per second over a total breeding area of 200,000m².

A unique industrial symbiosis

  • A 25,000 m2 site in the heart of the Sugar Somme, Europe's leading region for agro-industrial by-products.
  • A co-location model with leading industrial players, enabling 300,000T of Tereos' agricultural by-products to be recovered each year and Kogeban's waste heat to be used for 100% renewable energy, saving 87 GWh/year.
  • This symbiosis model saves 57,000T of CO2 each year and reduces InnovaFeed's carbon impact by 80%, enabling it to offer the most sustainable insect-based products on the market.

A local player that contributes to the industrial revitalisation of territories

  • A local player that contributes to the industrial revitalisation of territories
  • Strategic partnerships with local agricultural players enabling the structuration of local value chains sharing high added value.

A pioneering journey from farm to fork

Since 2017, InnovaFeed has developed a strategic partnership with French retailer Auchan to make "insect fed" products available to the end consumer:

  • In 2018, launch of "insect-fed" trout: 50% of the fishmeal in the feed is replaced by insect protein.
  • In 2020, launch of "insect-fed" poultry: all the soybean oil present in the feed is replaced by insect oil.

A 100% entrepreneurial history

3 co-founders united around a common goal: create a company with a positive and sustainable impact on food and environment. After experiences in the world of strategic consulting and investment finance on the themes of technologies in the agro-food sector, Clément Ray, Bastien Oggeri and Aude Guo, engineers who graduated from leading engineering schools in France, created InnovaFeed around 3 imperatives: propose a high quality product with high added value, produce in a manner aligned with 100% circularity to contribute to the industrial revitalisation of the territories, and to put the insect back at the heart of the natural food cycles.
Four years later, the company has more than 150 employees.

Aude Guo

Bastien Oggeri

Clément Ray

Partners all over the world

InnovaFeed partners with world-class leaders and best-in-class experts in the industry, including Cargill, Hello Nature, Barentz and Nealia. 
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Cargill, a U.S. agribusiness player offering a range of products and services to feed manufacturers, farmers and retailers around the world

Hello Nature, an Italian player and European leader in the production of organic fertilizers, biostimulants and micro-organisms.

Barentz, one of the leading suppliers of ingredients for the food and nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and animal nutrition industries

Nealia, a specialist in animal nutrition, formulates and markets feeds for all farm animals

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Financial support from the outset

Total funding of €200 million

Leading investment funds

Strategic partnerships with 7 banks

Support from public institutions