InnovaFeed launches NovaGain, a product specifically formulated and produced for shrimp nutrition


NovaGain, InnovaFeed's brand new offering for shrimp, unlocks significant performance for shrimp farming, by improving shrimp growth, boosting their health resistance while offering a game-changing environmental performance
​After several years of R&D and succesful trials performed, InnovaFeed announces the launch of its new protein offering specifically designed for shrimp nutrition, a solution that combines game-changing performance in growth and health with the best environmental performance.

The inclusion of NovaGain in shrimp diet boosts feeding efficiency (translated in a FCR reduction by up to 28%), reduces mortalities due to bacterial challenges causing Early Mortality Syndrome (APHND), and supports shrimp welfare by reducing their mortality due common pathogens such as WSSV!

"Hermetia illucens meal is not only a natural bio-concentrate of nutrients, but also a new source for molecules such as chitin, antimicrobial proteins and fatty acids - which are able to boost growth performance and increase health resistance of animals." explains Andrew Richardson, Aqua Nutrition Manager at InnovaFeed.